The importance of efficient use of human resources at the beginning of the third renaissance


  • Akmal Yorievich Ostanov Associate Professor of Tashkent State University of Economics
  • K.A. Ostanov Karshi Institute of Engineering Economics., doctoral student


human resources, labor force, labor market, human resources, services market, competition, market economy, enterprises and organizations, socio-economic structures, the third renaissance.


At a time when science is advanced, the digital economy is gaining ground, and information technology is embracing all areas, Uzbekistan is laying the foundation for a new era of revival. Today, Uzbekistan is on the threshold of the third Renaissance.

After all, in our country, as in all areas, there are new trends in human resource management. In particular, during the transition to a market economy, human resource management will acquire new importance. If in the context of the command-and-control system these tasks are considered as secondary tasks, in the conditions of transition to market relations they are given priority and each manager of the enterprise is interested in solving them. Also, the introduction of such new trends is a clearly targeted activity in the field of human resource management, which aims to improve the skills of personnel in the competitive markets of goods, labor and educational (vocational) services and the effective functioning of socio-economic structures, organizations and their departments. and ensure its development.

Opinions and views on the importance of efficient use of human resources at the beginning of the Third Renaissance are presented in this article.


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