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The journal welcomes manuscript submissions from scholars everywhere.</strong></em></p> <p><em><strong>ISSN: 2277-3630</strong></em></p> <p><em><strong>Impact factor: 7.429</strong></em></p> <div class="inr_header"> <h1>JOURNAL INDEXING</h1> </div> <div class="inr_con_cont"> <ul class="jr_ind_li"> <li>WZB-Wissenschatszentrum Berin Fur Sozialforschung</li> <li>Open J-Gate, INDIA</li> <li><a href="">ISSN </a></li> <li>Electronic Journals Library-University Library of Regensburg</li> <li>Zeitschriftendatenbank-ZDB:German Journal Databank</li> <li><a href="">Global Impact Factor</a></li> <li><a href="">SJIF Impact Factor</a></li> <li><a href="">Google Scholar </a></li> <li><a href=""> </a></li> </ul> </div> Green Earth en-US INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCE & INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH ISSN: 2277-3630 Impact factor: 7.429 2277-3630 <p><a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Creative Commons Attribution- 3.0 Unported License.</a></p> SOLAR PANELS (THEIR CHARACTERISTICS AND PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION) <p>This article is about solar panels and their principles of operation, as well as the creation of cost-effective innovative projects that work without noise while being used in many areas of human life.</p> Sarimsokov Utkir Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-13 2023-05-13 12 05 1 3 THE PROCEDURE FOR CALCULATING THE VALUE OF MINIMUM CONSUMPTION EXPENSES IN UZBEKISTAN AND THE EXPERIENCES OF FOREIGN COUNTRIES <p>In 2021, the value of the minimum consumption costs was calculated based on the results of observation conducted among 10.6 thousand households in all regions of the Republic. In this case, based on the international methodology, the households surveyed in the calculation of the minimum consumption costs were divided into ten groups according to the amount of expenses. Among these families, 30% of households with the lowest cost and income were separated.</p> Nasrullaev Ismoilkhon Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-13 2023-05-13 12 05 4 7 SPECIFICATION OF ERROR CORRECTION IN LANGUAGE LEARNING PROSESS <p>Examines the sorts of mistakes that are examined during speech training and the forms of error correction that should be used. Attempts are undertaken to define the psychological influence of mistake correction on learner motivation.</p> Gаfurоv Bаkhtiyоr Zakirovich Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-14 2023-05-14 12 05 8 13 DEPICTION OF FEMALE COURAGE IN “A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS” BY KHALED HOSSEINI <p>The article discusses the hard life of people in Afghanistan described in A Thousand Splendid Suns” by <a href="">Khaled Hosseini</a>. For all characters of novel have been given information. The real events, suffers, sorrows of people are shown.</p> Bakhronova Zulfiya Ravshanovna Turakulova Dilafruz Kahhorovna Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-14 2023-05-14 12 05 14 18 ACCURACY AND FLUENCY IN LANGUAGE TEACHING <p>Two essential aspects of learning a second language are accuracy and fluency. In this day and age, it appears to be that learning the use of sentence structure and zeroing in on precision are underlined by numerous language understudies over familiarity. This subject of precision and familiarity has been a disputable issue that has been examined for a long time. While some formalists argue that learning a language means learning its rules and forms, activists argue that learning a language means learning how to use it. Subsequently, this exposition will contend that precision isn't really more significant than familiarity. It depends on the requirements of the students and the goal of second language acquisition instruction. To exhibit this, this exposition will initially zero in on the significance of precision and familiarity with English learning and show that they are both fundamental by checking out at two different educating techniques. Second, both accuracy and fluency will be discussed in terms of learner objectives, learner variables, and instructional variables. Thirdly, it will offer suggestions for how language teachers can address the issue and strike a balance between them. In this section, it will be argued that learning a second language requires both accuracy and fluency.</p> Gаfurоv Bаkhtiyоr Zakirovich Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-14 2023-05-14 12 05 19 25 REPRESENTATION OF DISEASES AS SYMBOLS OF SOCIAL ISSUES IN REALISM IN ENGLISH LITERATURE <p><em>This article includes representation of diseases as symbols of social issues in realism in English literature, in Victorian age in the works of some writers as Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell, Bram Stoker, Charlotte Bronte, Thomas Hardy. These writers used diseases as the symbol of some social problems.</em></p> Bakhronova Matluba Akhmedovna Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-14 2023-05-14 12 05 26 29 IMPORTANCE OF TEACHING THE PRONUNCIATION OF SUPRASEGMENTAL FEATURES OF ENGLISH <p>The purpose of this essay is to emphasize the importance of teaching English pronunciation of suprasegmental elements. The suprasegmental characteristics include pitch, length, intonation, stress, and rhythm. Speech communication is the primary purpose of a language. Sequences of segmental and suprasegmental feature pronunciation make up speech. At the very least, clear pronunciation is necessary for effective communication. When teaching English to pupils in Uzbekistan, Standard British English (SBE) is frequently employed. Although it might be challenging to teach pupils whose first language is not English the correct pronunciation, doing so can help them communicate more clearly. In words, the correspondence between their spellings and their sounds is not always exact. In various phonetic environments, a spelling may preserve many sounds. The article's author has identified certain situations in which a speaker's incorrect pronounciation might result in misinterpreted messages. We must teach our kids the correct or standard pronunciation of English in order to prevent incorrect or incomprehensible pronunciation.</p> Yadgarova Zebiniso Tolibovna Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-14 2023-05-14 12 05 32 35 DEVELOPMENT OF A COST REDUCTION MECHANISM BY INTRODUCING INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES IN CONSTRUCTION ENTERPRISES <p>At present, in the developed countries of the world community, the process of rapid transition from the development of traditional scientific technology to innovative, scientific, and technological order is taking place. All types of technological and scientific innovations are being encouraged by the state through the formation of the innovative system and the state financing system. It is important to reduce cost estimates by introducing innovative technologies in construction enterprises.</p> Berdiev Yorkinbek Fazliev Salokhiddin Shavkatovich Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-15 2023-05-15 12 05 36 40 OPTIMIZATION OF THE TECHNOLOGICAL PROCESS OF PREPARATION OF LONG SHAFTS <p>In mechanical engineering, there are many technological processes for the preparation of long shafts. It is necessary to solve the problem of choosing the optimal option from many such technological processes. An optimal option of a technological process is understood as an option that fully meets all requirements from this detailed drawing, predicts high efficiency and indicators based on existing production conditions. In automated design, it is increasingly important to take into account as much variability as possible, since factors such as the experience and intuition of the technologist are automatically negated when the process is carried out with the help of EHM. EHM analyzes many options and indicators of the technological process. Therefore, the approach to optimization is the main direction of improving automated design methods.</p> B.Yu.Karimov F.X. Asqarova Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-15 2023-05-15 12 05 41 42 TECHNOLOGIES FOR DEVELOPING STUDENTS' COMPETENCE IN WORKING WITH INFORMATION <p><em>The article provides information about the concept of information processing competence, its importance, application, model and methods, tools, forms, evaluation criteria and results.</em></p> B.B.Ergashev I.T.Mirsaidov Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-16 2023-05-16 12 05 43 49 THEORETICAL AND METHODOLOGICAL FOUNDATIONS OF THE CONCEPT OF MARKETING COMMUNICATION IN MARKETING <p>This article discusses the importance of marketing for the effective functioning of business entities, as well as the issue of marketing communications. The theoretical basis of the concept of marketing communication has been classified through an extensive study of the concepts of “communication” and “marketing”. The article develops the characteristics of the elements representing marketing communication, the model of integrated marketing communication.</p> Maftuna Djahangirovna Mirzajonova Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-19 2023-05-19 12 05 50 55 INTERPRETIVE POTENTIAL OF LEXICAL CATEGORIES <p>The current stage of research of the language system is focused on to study the specifics of language as one of the cognitive subsystems and the role that is assigned to the factor of linguistic forms in the conceptualization of reality.&nbsp;Particular attention is paid to the transmission of results comprehension of the world by man, including different types of assessments and opinions, which provide the implementation of the interpreting function of the language consciousness.&nbsp;A description of the language from these positions inevitably presupposes an appeal to the facts of the functioning of the language, which, in fact, reflects the ontology of linguistic units in their interpreting function.&nbsp;Functional analysis of language units within the framework of cognitive a discursive paradigm that raises all these problems allows take a fresh look at the systemic-structural organization of the language, and in particular, on the structure of lexical categories.</p> Tillaev Zafar Akmalovich Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-21 2023-05-21 12 05 56 59 FUNCTIONAL-SEMANTIC PROPERTIES OF THE MODAL VERB “CAN” IN “JENNIE GERHARDT” BY TH. DREISER’S <p>Modal verbs are used to show the speaker's attitude toward, the action or state indicated by the infinitive, i.e. they show that the action indicated by the infinitive is considered as possible, impossible, probable, improbable, obligatory, necessary, advisable, doubtful or uncertain, etc. The modal verbs are: can (could), may (might), must, should, ought, shall, will, would, need, dare. The modal expressions to be + Infinitive and to have + Infinitive also belong here.</p> Khakimova Mastura Fayzullaevna Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-21 2023-05-21 12 05 60 62 MORAL ASPECTS IN VLADIMIR NABOKOV’S NOVEL “ADA” <p>The article examines the moral elements present in Vladimir Nabokov's novel “Ada”. The main characters, Van and Ada, are siblings who engage in an incestuous relationship throughout the novel. The paper argues that Nabokov attempts to subvert traditional notions of morality in Ada, presenting a challenge to readers' perceptions of what is considered right and wrong. The author explores how Nabokov uses language and narrative techniques to create complex and nuanced characters who defy easy categorization as good or evil.</p> Pulatova Sabina Sharifovna Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-21 2023-05-21 12 05 63 65 TEACHING GRAMMAR IN CONTEXT <p>In the grammatical view, most of the foreign language programs and teaching materials are based on a linear model<a href="#_ftn1" name="_ftnref1">[1]</a> of language acquisition. The model divides a target language into particles and encourage learners acquire only a piece of the language at once and in a sequential, step-by-step trend. However, such a model is lagging behind proving itself beneficial in the test of time comparing to another new approach, grammar in context, better term, an organic approach<a href="#_ftn2" name="_ftnref2">[2]</a>&nbsp; to the second language pedagogy.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Khayrulloyeva Sitora Lutfulloyevna Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-21 2023-05-21 12 05 66 68 SLOGANS AS AN ESSENTIAL PARTS OF ENGLISH AND UZBEK ADVERTISEMENTS <p>This article is devoted to investigate the effective usage of slogans in both Uzbek and English advertising. There are provided several types of slogans mostly used in advertising. This article is based on several obvious examples which strengthen the theoretical part of it.</p> Qurbonova Dilnoza Olimovna Abdurashitova Renata Ramazanovna Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-21 2023-05-21 12 05 69 70 TEACHING METHODOLOGY AND INNOVATIVE METHODS OF TEACHING YOUNG CHILDREN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE AT HOME <p>This article talks about the methods of teaching foreign languages to young children through easy, understandable and convenient methods at home. It is not about memorizing grammar rules for speech development, but what they have learned, heard, and seen to form their speech. that is, it can cause it to arise by itself.</p> Bakhronova Mahliyo Akhmedovna Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-21 2023-05-21 12 05 71 73 NEW TECHNIQUES AND MEANS OF TEACHING FOREIGN VOCABULARY IN TECHNICAL UNIVERSITIES <p>This article considers new techniques and means of teaching foreign vocabulary in technical universities. The article also discusses some exercises of professionally oriented foreign vocabulary and determines their methodological value in terms of the effectiveness of teaching foreign languages.</p> Mansurova Gulbakhor Makhdievna Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-21 2023-05-21 12 05 74 78 SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL TRANSLATION TRAINING OF NON-LINGUISTIC UNIVERSITY STUDENTS <p>The practical use of a foreign language in non-linguistic specialties and the achievement of a level sufficient for its use in future professional activities is the main goal of teaching a foreign language in higher educational institutions. Good linguistic training, including translation skills and abilities, significantly affects the professional competence of a modern specialist. This article discusses the issues of teaching scientific and technical translation in technical universities<strong>.</strong></p> Niyazova Yulduz Tashmuradovna Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-21 2023-05-21 12 05 79 84 OCCUPATION AND MENTAL HEALTH: STRESS MANAGEMENT UNDER WORK PRESSURE <p>Stress management in the organization is focused on the prevention of stress in the workplace, the development and application of methods for neutralizing the negative effects of stress, the development of technologies for the rapid recovery of strength and staff performance. Work and professional stress can deplete human resources and lead to a decrease in productivity, mobility and dynamism of the strategic development of the organization. Thus, the objective of this article is to review past research studies to discuss occupational restlessness and suggest potential means to support employee wellbeing.</p> Kilicheva Karomat Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-21 2023-05-21 12 05 85 88 SARAH ORN E JEWET, M.E WILKINS FREEMAN THE AMERICAN STORY WRITERS OF XX CENTURY. <p>During all historical and modern periods there were different issues and problematic discussions about gender roles and the role of women in society. The American society was not also exception. The bad conditions and depressions, harassed difficulties towards women made them distinguished and deprived from their desires and own prefers.&nbsp; That’s why most of the writers had been striving to reflect those unfair inequality towards women on their works. It was a real painful issue that should be tackled on. During such historic times&nbsp; womens’ had no prerogative to carry out their own desires and intentions. And such kind of problematic issues had been discussed with the help of the works of writer’s. In this thesis we will analyze the main theme of story writers like Mary Eleanor Wilkin’s Freeman and Sarah Orne Jewet.</p> Qudratova Sitora Olimovna Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-21 2023-05-21 12 05 89 91 TEACHING TOOLS WITH THE USE OF PROPRIETARY TECHNOLOGIES IN PEDAGOGY CLASSES <p>Pedagogy is a branch of knowledge that explores extremely multifaceted phenomena and processes of human education. The object of pedagogy can be called the area of social activity – an individual, a team, relationships, and processes between and within them. The subject of the educational course "Pedagogy" are those essential properties of the object that need to be identified in order to successfully solve the theoretical and practical tasks assigned to them. The purpose and objectives of the course "Pedagogy": to increase competence in the field of understanding, forecasting, and management of pedagogical and psychological processes; formation of skills to design, analyze and adjust the methodology of individual technological elements; formation of knowledge about the most effective modern pedagogical technologies.</p> Dilbar Negmatovna Alimdjanova Sardorbek Utayev Toshpulatovich Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-21 2023-05-21 12 05 92 96 USING THE COORDINATE-VECTOR METHOD IN SOLVING PLANAMETRIC PROBLEMS <p>This article describes the solution of geometric problems using the coordinate system and vector algebra</p> Bozorov Zokir Yuldosh ug'li Mustafakulova Jasmina Uktam qizi Khairullayeva Aziza Kuchkar qizi Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-25 2023-05-25 12 05 97 99 HOW TO PRACTICE RUSSIAN WHEN THERE IS NO ONE TO SPEAK RUSSIAN <p>Students who communicate with Russians on a daily basis very quickly begin to speak quite fluently in a new language for themselves; and only by grammatical errors one can guess that they have not been studying Russian for so long. But what about the "less fortunate" students who have no one to speak Russian with outside of class? After all, this affects the speed of learning.</p> Yarkulova Fotima Usmanovna Obrueva Mohichehra Askarovna Obrueva Sevinch Azizovna Kholmuminova Ozoda Akramovna Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-25 2023-05-25 12 05 100 102 CROSS-CULTURAL DIFFERENCES IN ATTITUDE TOWARDS INDIVIDUALS WITH AUTISM <p>In individualistic cultures, individual success and career growth are valued and welcomed, the individual is required to take responsibility for himself and his family. On the other hand, collectivist cultures the individual is, first of all, a member of the community, and he is expected to submit to the group and, first of all, to take care of its well-being and prosperity. Several research studies have been conducted to identify the differences in perception, knowledge of, and attitude towards neurodivergent individuals among Westerners and Easterners. However, there were few studies that have offered an effective intervention that could be applied across cultures. Therefore, the objective of this paper is to review prior research studies to analyze attitude toward autistic individuals in individualistic and collectivistic cultures to propose a possible intervention in order to raise neurodiversity awareness and acceptance in both Western and Eastern societies.</p> Kilicheva Karomat Copyright (c) 2023 GEJournals 2023-05-26 2023-05-26 12 05 103 105