• Ruzmetov Fazliddin Sharifboevich Tashkent State Transport University
  • Amirov Temirbek Tursoat ugli Tashkent State Transport University
  • Toshev Nodir Komil ugli Tashkent State Transport University


gypsum binders, binary filler, superplasticizer S-3, basalt filler, control composition.


The article presents the results of studies on the influence of superplasticizing C-3 additives on the properties of composite gypsum binders with binary fillers of natural origin, consisting of basalt and limestone fillers. It has been established that a mixture of mineral additives and superplasticizer C-3 helps to increase the degree of filling of the binder without reducing the strength of gypsum stone from 12 to 15% when basalt and limestone are used as fillers, from 13 to 21 and from 10 to 25% when introducing basalt filler together with the original or washed quartz sand, respectively.


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