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neighborhood, mahalla, civil institute, Society, Development, prosperous neighborhood, strategy, social life, population living life, Democratic state.


The land of society is an important element of civil society. It denotes the independence and initiative of various spheres of public life and related associations: economy, that is, production in a broad sense, its organizational forms, trade unions, universities, the Press, science, public associations, mosques, religious organizations, etc. With regard to these public associations, the task of the state should be to establish the most common boundaries in the form of a law regulating the rules of the game, which must be observed in order to protect the rights and freedoms of all members of the society. Of course, in our country, the neighborhood is one of the pillars that make up the basis of this society. In this article, comments are made on the fact that the neighborhood is an important institution of civil society.


228-th number 15.04.2020. On approval of normative-legal documents in the sphere of regulation of activities of the Ministry of neighborhood and family support of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

758-th number. 14.04.1999. On the self-governing bodies of citizens.

D.I. Mukumova, A.E. Shaymanova, I.B. Yarova, D. Abdurakhmanova, A.U. Kurbonova// “Adaptation of the teacher to professional andpedagogical activity at the university” // 2021.y

The name was announced in Uzbekistan in 2022 year.

Mahalla (Neighborhood)-the basis of civil society.

Community land - as a neighborhood Civil Society Institute.




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