• Mardanov Muzaffar Хolboyevich Tashkent State University of Economics., Uzbekistan


production cost audit, analysis of production costs, audit of financial statements.


Due to the intensification of competition in pulp and paper production enterprises in world practice, the acceleration of technical development of production, a lot of scientific research work is being carried out on the development of existing approaches to studying the nature and importance of cost analysis. During his visit to Fergana region on May 6, 2019, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev paid special attention to the development of the paper production industry in our country and familiarized himself with the stone paper production project. Today, this project has been implemented in the city of Fergana as the "Fergana stone paper" enterprise. As the President noted: "Paper making is one of our ancient crafts. In its time, Samarkand paper was world famous. This enterprise is the revival of historical traditions at the industrial level. However, the need to organize cost analysis and accounting of production costs, to create a scientifically based approach to product costing, to search for and study the most optimal options adapted to the production processes of pulp and paper enterprises, as well as to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise, has not yet been developed. did not find a positive solution.


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